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Convert your Shopify store into a powerful jewelry business!

Get access to the largest database of real gold and diamond jewelry ever created!

What does Gemhub do?

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Grow Your Business By Going Fully DIGITAL!

Gemhub is Shopify approved app that allows you to import and sell jewelry without having to invest in your own inventory!

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Whether your starting or expanding your business, jewelry companies all over the world can integrate the app seamlessly into their websites.


Save Money & Time!

Sourcing from our catalogue will save you time, money, and effort in order to better run your business. Get 100% wholesale prices with no middlemen markup fees.

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Start your business anywhere on the globe!

What is GemHub?

Transform your business into an online powerhouse. Get access to millions of real diamond and gold products for your website without the investment!

Give your customers a world of options and never lose a sale.

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Never Worry About Shipping!

Automate shipments and order updates. You do the selling. It's that simple! Our factories will ship directly to you or your shoppers so you can focus on generating revenue.

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Why Did We Create Gemhub?

"Gemhub is quickly taking the jewelry industry by storm, allowing new and existing businesses to expand their inventory and sell high end jewelry without the large investment"

GemHub Team

"I’ve been able to catapult grillz.com to another level thanks to GemHub and the huge selection to tap into. It took years for me to find a platform like this. The High quality gold and diamond jewelry at real wholesale pricing and factory direct shipping is just what I needed. Highly recommend!"

Greg Zaks - Owner of Grillz.com

"Gemhub Rocks! We just started a shopify jewelry company and it has basically done all the work for us! We couldn't be happier using such a useful software thats crazy cheap compared to the value it brings."

Joran Lee (Head of Marketing)

"At Mailchimp we also have multiple business partners that use Gemhub for their business and we truly love how easily the Gemhub team helped integrate their catalogues into their systems for us via email! We only partner with the best and Gemhub has done the unthinkable for small businesses."

Kate Jose (Business Advisor)